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Utah SEO Consultant - Dominating the SERP

So, I’ve decided to run a test for the keywords Utah SEO Consultant. I have two Tumblr blogs to test. The first one is http://utahseoconsultant.tumblr.com and the second is the page which you are reading now.

I created and published the Tumblr EMD just a few minutes ago. It hasn’t been cached by Google yet. I am going to use my Google+ profile to push the two URLs in order to get them both indexed quickly—Rand Fishkin mentioned that technique last night at the SLCSEM conference I attended, why not test it?

I don’t plan on building links to either of the two URLs to see how well they rank without any effort on my part but a blog post.

The Utah SEO Consultant page on my own site sits at the top of page two for the respective keywords. There is only one link to that page and the page which links to it is at the #5 spot on the first page. It recently replaced an older listing on the site that was sitting in the same spot. My listing probably took over because I used the exact phrase “Utah SEO Consultant” for the listing title, while the other listing was a variation of the phrase. The freshness factor may have also played a role in this case. <—-correlation

Just to make sure things are as equal as possible in this test, I must add an image and title it with my key phrase.

Utah SEO Consultant

I’ll keep you update with rankings, etc. Later!

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